Vsts build-agent with Docker, Dotnet Core & Nodejs installed

In order to do continious deployment I like to use Visual Studio Team Services. It is the perfect combination between cloud and on-premise. The cloud part is an intuitive way of defining build flows. However the actual building and packaging can happen anywhere. It could happen on the Azure-cloud but you could also run the build-agent on your own system. I created a docker image which contains all the necesarry components for running vsts-build-tasks in a Docker-environment. I also included the tools I most commonly use during application development like dotnet SDK, npm and Docker itself. If you would also make use of this Docker-image you can do this by using the following image: mhtsbt/vsts-agent In order to get the build agent to connect to vsts you also need to specify some environment variables: VSTS_ACCOUNT, VSTS_POOL, VSTS_TOKEN